GL2D – Πρόγραμμα 4ης αγωνιστικής

Σάββατο 7/11 και Κυριακή 8/11 η 4η αγωνιστική εβδομάδα του Greek Legends 2nd Division – Winter Split.

Παρακάτω παρατίθενται το συνολικό πρόγραμμα της 4ης αγωνιστικής εβδομάδας (εικόνα) και το πρόγραμμα προβολής από τα συμβεβλημένα κανάλια του GL2D.

GL2D Partners:
1. Labokop
2. CafroJack/Anorthosis Esports
3. Nero
4. Komantis
5. Cowboy/Imperials Esports

7/11 Σάββατο
Pyrsos Esports vs. Anorthosis Esports Academy :GL2D: (CafroJack)
Cowboysquad Imperials Esports vs. Team Refuse Academy :GL2D: (Cowboy)
Different Dimension vs. Gamespace MCA :GL2D: (Labokop)
VG Phenomenon vs. Rejects Gaming Academy :GL2D: (Nero)
No Game No Life vs. The Spawn :GL2D: (Komantis)
Cowboysquad Imperials Esports vs. Anorthosis Esports Academy :GL2D: (CafroJack & Cowboy)
VG Phenomenon vs. WLGaming Academy :GL2D: (Labokop)
Pyrsos Esports vs. The Spawn :GL2D: (Nero)
White Lions Esports vs. ZeroLag Esports Academy :GL2D: (Komantis)
Cowboysquad Imperials Esports vs. The Spawn :GL2D: (Cowboy)
Gamespace MCA vs. Anorthosis Esports Academy :GL2D: (CafroJack)
VG Phenomenon vs. ZeroLag Esports Academy :GL2D: (Labokop)
Different Dimension vs. WLGaming Academy :GL2D: (Nero)
Pyrsos Esports vs. Hive Athens Academy :GL2D: (Komantis)

8/11 Κυριακή
Cowboysquad Imperials Esports vs. Hive Athens Academy :GL2D: (Cowboy)
Team Refuse Academy vs. WLGaming Academy :GL2D: (Nero)
Pyrsos Esports vs. Convict of Shadows :GL2D: (Komantis)
VG Phenomenon vs. White Lions Esports :GL2D: (Labokop)
Cowboysquad Imperials Esports vs. Convict of Shadows :GL2D: (Cowboy)
Anorthosis Esports Academy vs. WLGaming Academy :GL2D: (CafroJack)
Team Refuse Academy vs. ZeroLag Esports Academy :GL2D: (Nero)
Different Dimension vs. White Lions Esports :GL2D: (Komantis)
VG Phenomenon vs. Interesting Five :GL2D: (Labokop)
Pyrsos Esports vs. Interesting Five :GL2D: (Cowboy)
Anorthosis Esports Academy vs. ZeroLag Esports :GL2D: (CafroJack)
Different Dimension vs. VG Phenomenon :GL2D: (Nero)
The Spawn vs. WLGaming Academy :GL2D: (Komantis)
Gamespace MCA vs. Convict of Shadows :GL2D: (Labokop)


Winter Split 2020 – Week 4 – Day 7-8
Full Schedule

Παρακάτω βρίσκονται τα αποτελέσματα της προηγούμενης αγωνιστικής και η βαθμολογική κατάταξη όπως έχει διαμορφωθεί μέχρι τώρα.

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